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As a therapist - reflexologist - myself I know that the main energy we put into our passion is for the client. It is very tedious and frustrating to have to spend hours looking for a client's file, consultations and follow-up. All this requires a lot of energy that one would like to be able to devote to other things!

This is where Theradoo will help you.

Let's look at its main features.

A simple, adapted, and optimised application

The dashboard or summary of your day.

  • The appointments of the day and the day after

  • Appointments to be confirmed

  • Reminder to follow up on customers

  • Birthdays of the month

  • The news

  • Send us your comments

The dashboard or summary of your day.

The client's complete file

  • His/her personal information

  • Its vitality assessment

  • The list of all his consultations

  • His appointment history

  • Assessment tests

  • Printing the RGPD

  • The list of his bills

The client's complete file

Your agenda

  • Easy and intuitive

  • Various types and locations of consultations

  • Customisable colours

  • SMS appointment reminder

  • Synchronization with your Google calendar

Your agenda

Online appointments

  • Fully customisable

  • Define the places and times of your consultations

  • Choose your appointment types

  • Manual or automatic confirmation of an appointment

  • Easy and intuitive

  • Accessible to all

  • Available time slots

  • Directly linked to your agenda

  • An explanation of his request

  • An automatic email sent to the customer for confirmation

Online appointments

The lexicon

  • A list of over 200 troubles and indications for their treatment

  • The different systems in reflexology and their reflex zones

  • The acupuncture points available on the feet, hands and face and their specificities

  • The 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine and their specificities

  • The list of Bach flowers and their specificities

  • More than 100 essential oils and their specificities

The lexicon

Your web page

  • Your presentation web page

  • Fully configurable

  • Linked to your appointment page

  • Accessible to all

Your web page


Theradoo.app is an application invented and developped by Delisou services.

Delisou services ©2022 - All rights reserved.


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